Top Restaurants in Puno

Our recommedations of restaurants in Puno include places where the ovens will give you a warm welcome as well as places where hot wine will be served, and why is that? well, ‘cause the weather in this region requires us to do something for keeping the body heat.

Also take in consideration the following typical dishes for a real Puno cuisine tasting. Start with soups or broths like: “chupe de quinua”, “huarjata” (pork head broth), “chairo” or “thimpo de carachi”. Then move towards main dishes like: “kankacho”, sajjta (traditional parboiled dish), “pachamanca”, “chicharrón de alpaca” o “pesq’e de quinua”, but don’t forget to make sure your organism is already acclimatized before feasting.

Good appetite!

La Estancia

Regional cuisine that uses native ingredients from Altiplano

Jirón Lima 401

Balcones de Puno

International cuisine and regional dishes elaborated with the highest ingredients.

Jr. Libertad 354 – Puno

Tel: (51)365300


Peruvian, italian

Jr. Lima 635 (2nd floor)

Tel. (51) 363182

Apart from their menu and pizzas (the latter only served from 5pm and on) you have to try the Mojsa Energy, the best defense against altitude sickness.


Coca Kintu

Creole cuisine

Jr. Lima 401

Tel. (51) 365566 / 951300738

This restaurant is known for its alpaca meat in fig sauce.


Pizza e Pasta

Jr. Arequipa 320

Tel. (51) 365434

As the name indicates. Firewood oven pizza and fusion cuisine with local insumes.

Tía Julia

Local cuisine


The best “kankacho” (low-temp baked lamb). People travel 135 Km from Puno city to taste this Ayaviri’s speciality.

Just have in mind that our first five recommendations of restaurants in Puno are located in the capital city of the same name and only Tía Julia is out of town. And now if you want to book your RESPONSible trip to Puno and enjoy its traditional cuisine do not hesitate writing us to

Photo credits: RPP/Paty Condori

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