10 Lima’s best cevicherias and one from Callao

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Ceviche is a flavour evocative word, you can even see it spelled in different ways but the final result is always the same, it will make your mouth watering.

Truth is ceviche also implies simplicity, it will surprise you to know that only five ingredients are needed to prepare a dish as delicious as you can imagine.

Differences between one ceviche and another mainly come from the type of fish or sea fruit used as base ingredient, but also comes from what type of lemon was used to marinate.

This said, you won’t be caught unprepared and now you can go to your favorite restaurant and start inquiring about your ceviche with the maitre.

One last tip, the most classical costume dictates that ceviche is only served as lunch, although new tendencies are giving the chance of tasting this dish on late hours. Whatever it is, if ceviche is not being served at the time you arrive to the restaurant, the alternative would be a tiradito, intrigued? go give it a chance!



Reducto 1515

Phone 4444149


A greatly accepted kitchen.

El Mercado

Hipólito Unanue 203

Phone 2211322


Eight different preparations are offered at this restaurant, and if you are feeling trendy try the hot ceviche.

La Red

La Mar 391

Phone 4411026


A famous family business that has become into something very special.

Pescados Capitales

La Mar 1337

Phone 4218808


A theme restaurant with its own school of waiters!

Also in San Borja district, Primavera 1067, Phone 7179470.

El Pez Amigo

La Paz 1640

Phone 4459783


Their long trajectory and support from their commensals make it a must.


Segundo Muelle

Conquistadores 489

Phone 7177760


We like to recommend this place very much, because a side of preparing excellent dishes, they practice a responsible philosophy about the use of sea produce.



García y García 175


Phone 6199595

Do not worry if you don’t see ceviche on the on-line menu, we warrant it is available and it is very good.

El Villano

San Ambrosio 401

Phone 2346115

Some villains making ceviche?… it has to be good!



Agustin Lozano La Rosa 173

Phone 2496859 / 2516693


If you are Anthony Bourdain you need No Reservations because they know you well, but if you are not, make a call and prepare yourself to enter into a world of fishing in the fishermen’s neighbourhood by excellence of Lima.


La Rana Verde

Gral Valle no number (Calvez Park), La Punta

Phone 4295279

For this experience you will have to leave Lima and enter the most picturesque neighbourhood of Callao. Preferably go during summer because it is lovely. They also serve ceviche 😉


After roaming in the search of the best ceviche, we bet you would like the recipe. We encourage you to try because we are sure you will enjoy your own ceviche as if it would be the best.

You can also join our ceviche and pisco sour class that will bring you great memories later on, especially by all the lemon that will splatter in your eyes.

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