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The gastronomic scenario in Lima, not to say the whole country, has already many years being a topic of conversation. Restaurants of excellent reputation started to pop out here and there around the capital, giving the commensals a high quality variety of alternatives with which only few other cities around the globe can compete.

With this note we do not pretend to rank the top restaurants in Lima, that is a task many other people are taking care of. Here we just want to put at your disposition some recomendations, without any specific order and not to get crazy about the best food choices in town.

We present this selection of restaurants according their location and showing the varied culinary offerings in a brief list. We also recommend to book in advance because some times is never too early.


Astrid y Gastón


Paz Soldán 290

Phone 4422775

Belonging to the most renowned couple of cooks in Peru. A place well though which will cover all your expectations.


Modern peruvian

Corner of Las Begonias with Merino Reyna

Phone 2015023 / 5000

Creative cuisine inside the Westin hotel.



Santa Luisa 122

Phone 2213397

The best of the bella Italia.



Modern peruvian

Santa Isabel 376

Phone 2428515 / 2428575

If you have heard of restaurants in Peru, so you have heard about Central, but if you did it today and want to go tomorrow, then we have to say you heard it 30 days late. That´s right, everybody want to eat at Central but only the most cautious make it.



Reducto 1278

Phone 2429009

Offering a menu of typical northern Peru dishes. Very good sours (pisco based cocktails).


San Martín 300

Phone 2424149

A Rafael Osterling kitchen, who even if is not the Renaissance genius, is indeed a kitchen one.



San Martin 399

Phone 4462512

Micha is known as Gastón sidekick, but it easily could be the other way. Maido is an outstanding nikkei restaurant.


Modern peruvian

Elías Aguirre 179

Phone 6521692

Ivan Kisic kitchen, where they have a very dedicated menu.



La Paz 1079

Phone 221 9393 / 9880

Jungle ingredient specialties. Not to be overlooked.

La Gloria

Peruvian, italian

Atahualpa 201

Phone 4455705 / 4466504

Prose and verse made food.

Costanera 700


El Ejercito 421

Phone 4217508 / 4635

All the sea flavours in your mouth.

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