10 reasons to choose RESPONSible Travel Peru

In just a handful of years (2009) our business has become something we never imagined and that is because our clients and collaborators deposited their trust in us. But it wasn’t a blind confidence, on the contrary, it was based upon the pillars that sustain us from the beginning. Here we show you our essence.

Equipo Respons


We are travelers – and you can notice it even though we spend hours in front of computer screens.
Nothing will take away from us the experience of going around the world and that experience makes us want you to feel the same during the trips we plan for you. That’s the reason for the long hours in front of computers.

We are specialistsbut this is not something we say, it is proven.
Our academic background, travel experience, creativity and dedication to work make of us the best advisors for your trip.



Your tailor-made tripleave it all in our hands.
We will have in mind all your wishes, all your needs and together with your budget we will work the magic of making you feel you were the one that planned your dreamed trip.

We organize your trip to perfection – our attention to details is remarkable.
Because we know the traveler, we are up to date with tendencies and our Operations Team is very good at moving the strings. Do not worry if you think we are reading your mind, we are kind of doing it.

We take your own pace very seriouslywe won’t play mambo if you want to dance cha cha.
It means the activities we will plan for you will be according to your rhythm and you’ll feel so comfortable and relaxed that you’ll be able to contemplate, meditate, sense, laugh and everything your body and soul request. But if on the other hand, you want to go nuts and race against the clock through Peru, we’ll make it possible.

We are always next to youlike your imaginary friends.
Along your whole trip; from the beginning of planning with our team of experts, during your adventure through the country while we will be in permanent communication giving you the best tips (like your Virtual Concierge), to the end until you get home, making sure everything went alright.



We have a big network – We are the best in getting the right people to do the best job for you.
It doesn’t matter where you want to go or what you want to do in Peru, we can make it happen for you.

Discover what we have to offer you we are the biggest platform of unique travel experiences.
A travel specialist will be counseling you to design your adventure. It doesn’t matter how specific your trip theme is, if we don’t have it, we’ll make it for you.



We work hand in hand with more than 70 communities we act as a marketing bridge across the whole country for populations where normally their only earnings come from agriculture, assisting them to be inserted in the tourism chain.

We always give the best of us to be social, environmental and economically responsible we believe in sustainable tourism development with positive and lasting impacts on the communities, the environment and the local economy that are replicable anywhere you visit.

This is RESPONS and now you probably you won’t resist to contact us anymore, so e-mail at english@responsibletravelperu.com and let’s start planning your RESPONSible trip to Peru!

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